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Working with an SBDC Advisor

SBDC advisors work with business owners, managers and principals on any issue that is affecting performance.  Together, the advisor and client explore business goals, identify barriers to growth, examine potential new markets, develop strategy, manage and accelerate growth and prepare for succession or a successful exit.  Some of the work performed may include:

  • Strategy development for all areas of the business (e.g., go-to-market, funding, growth, team, etc.) and strategic plan review. 
  • Profit Mastery┬« financial review that examines performance compared to like companies of like size, followed by recommendations for improvements.
  • Customer-specific market research supporting due diligence of new markets and opportunities (e.g., industry trends, location demographics, best audience profile, competitive intelligence, etc.)
  • Managed engagement with specialist advisors in human resources, government contracting, international trade, manufacturing and other disciplines.
  • Identification of management skills gap, followed by in-session instruction or recommended course of outside education / development.
  • Investor or stakeholder pitch development, critique and practice, otherwise preparing businesses for access to new capital and use of funds.

Many of our clients have told us that what they value most about their advisor relationship is the continued presence of an outside, objective voice as they examine and improve all aspects of their operations.

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