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Our Partners


Collaborators, Not Competitors

Central Texas is home to huge network of groups that we call "resource partners." These partners are both profit and nonprofit organizations, lenders, service providers and professional consultants. Texas State SBDC offers a lot of the same types of services as some of our partners but we make a conscious effort to not "reinvent the wheel" and to work in collaboration with our partners instead of in competition with them. Providing the best possible service to all clients is our number one priority. If that means directing clients to another resource partner, like the City of Austin's Small Business Development Program (SBDP) or the Women's Business Center, that's what we'll do. The main goal is to grow our local economy by strengthening our local small business community.

We are not a replacement for professional consultants. SBDC clients who are motivated to grow their business will eventually get to a point where they need to hire professional consultants. Providing referrals to other programs and consultants is an important part of our mentoring.

Want to become a resource partner? Contact us today!