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Small Business Tools

The Best Way to Plan and Grow Your Business!

Are you competition ready? Business may be good now, but are you positioned for increased competition? Is your business model optimized for growth? You can guess at a new strategy, but what if you had a systematic method to think through company growth?

The Business Model Canvas allows you to clearly describe how your company creates, delivers and captures value—all on one page. It’s been used by large corporations and entrepreneurs around the world for the past 10 years and is even being used by the National Science Foundation and their ICorps program.


The Value Proposition Canvas
Where your company's product or service interacts with customers need. Some critical questions to think through:

  • Who are your most important customers?
  • What do they expect from the product and/or service you offer?
  • What value do you bring to your customers?
  • What drives customer purchasing decisions?
  • What problems do your customers have? How does the problem affect the customer? How do they solve the problem?

Value Prop

This training, offered through the Texas State SBDC, will teach you how to use the nine building blocks of the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas. As both canvas' mature, you will discern your customer base and/or develop a product or service strongly fitted to your ideal customer.